About Em

I’m Emily, and I have been cooking since I was 9 years old. (Well, earlier if you include my plastic toy food creations.) I once wanted to be a chef: I cooked in assisted living center kitchens, helped run a lunch cafe during college, and was a professional cook for 75 clients for 6 months after graduating. But I discovered that I find the most joy (and the least back pain) from just cooking for my family. I love root vegetables, chocolate, and homemade bread.

About Em Hungry

Em Hungry was really born back in 2012 when I was too cheap to purchase a domain name. I refused to tell anyone besides my closest associates about its existence. It was a way for me to explore my own interest in cooking and writing, push beyond my creative boundaries, and document the best of what I found and created. Eventually, I decided that even though my blog was primarily for my own enjoyment and satisfaction, that didn’t mean that no one else would find it enjoyable as well. So, thanks for being here, and I hope you enjoy it.

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